My Full Interview at the NASDAQ

I had the honor of being invited to the NASDAQ in New York City for an exclusive interview with Jane King. It was a great opportunity to pull back to curtain and demonstrate how A.I. can empower traders to forecast all types of asset classes, 1 – 3 days in advance, with up to 87.4% proven accuracy.

My Interview at the NASDAQ

During my interview with Jane, we dove deep into the world of technological finance and discussed crucial aspects for today’s traders. Some of these include the rapid surge of A.I. in trading and it’s transformative impact. This is an important moment in the interview to take note of because VantagePoint Software is actually providing information that a trader would never be able to find on their own. Our A.I. is doing something that’s humanly impossible… but the technology itself, which we’ve been developing and growing since the late ’80s, is making it possible for traders to get these valuable insights. We empower traders daily, across over 160 countries, and help them make the most important decisions about their trading strategies.