My Full Interview At The New York Stock Exchange

Recently I was invited to the New York Stock Exchange and I had the honor of being interviewed by their renowned host, Joya Dass. It was exciting to talk about the importance of A.I. and its importance for traders around the globe. A few highlights of the interview include: Why A.I. consistently outperforms lagging indicators, the most important questions traders should be asking about patents, and how to gain insights into global intermarket A.I. analysis.

My Interview at the New York Stock Exchange.

There are plenty of traders right now who are frustrated they’re losing money in the markets, especially at a time when there’s an exponential growth in technology for traders. It all boils down to the information you rely on when you make that critical trading decision. In order to be successful today, traders should look at embracing the power of VantagePoint’s dual-patented A.I. to anticipate market movements and trends.