Vantagepoint A.I. Named #7 of 100 Top Small Business Workplaces in the United States By FORTUNE® Magazine

Our dedication to workplace culture has landed us in the national spotlight.

Vantagepoint AI was named in the top 10 of small businesses in the United States for our dedication to our core values, creating an inclusive workplace culture, and our respect for team members by FORTUNE Magazine.

When surveyed by a third party, 

  • 99% say Vantagepoint is a great place to work
    (compared with 59% at typical US companies)
  • 100% say they are treated fairly, respected, and are proud of the company’s role in the community
  • 100% say they are encouraged to balance their work and personal life
  • 98% say they felt welcomed when they joined the companyVantagepoint AI Top Workplace Selected by FORTUNE Magazine

For us, our core values are concrete guiding principles we embody in our work together, engage with our traders, and conduct business with other companies.  It’s an honor to be recognized, but more than that – it’s an affirmation these principles matter.

This anonymous survey response speaks for the team, “We are constantly celebrated for our achievements. The teamwork here is amazing and I feel like I can be honest with management and they actually listen. I love working here and this is a place I can actually picture having a longtime career.”

That response is music to my ears!  Empowering traders for over 40 years, the Vantagepoint AI team is passionate about helping people find financial freedom using data-driven forecasts created by artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technology, and patented intermarket analysis.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, attend one of our online, interactive, complimentary classes; you can sign up here. I’m looking forward to welcoming you into the Vantagepoint family soon!

Vantagepoint AI is an Inc. 5000 company

Vantagepoint AI Is On The Inc. 5000 List

We have been notified that Vantagepoint AI has been included in the Inc. 5000 list!

Inc. magazine analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States.

Vantagepoint AI is an Inc. 5000 company
You may not know this, but Vantagepoint AI was the first company in the world to give independent traders the power of artificial intelligence for their home computers.  My father’s work essentially created the FinTech industry for independent traders and we’ve been empowering traders for over 40 years since. 

In his letter to me about joining the list, Inc.’s Editor-In-Chief, Scott Omelianuk said, “Our annual Inc. 5000 list is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses.”

It’s such an honor to be part of an elite group of companies that has included titans like Microsoft, Timberland, Intuit, Oracle, and Patagonia.

Equally gratifying is leading a team that has produced almost 60% growth for our company.  My entire team’s dedication to our core values and using those as our touchstone for how we do business has ensured that we grow without losing the personal touch and integrity for which Vantagepoint is highly regarded.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this very meaningful milestone in our company’s history and our journey into the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, attend one of our online, interactive, complimentary classes; you can sign up here. I’m looking forward to welcoming you into the Vantagepoint family soon!

Vantagepoint AI Recognized as Top 100 Best Places to Work in Florida

In Unusual Times, Vantagepoint Stands Out

Right on the heels of being nationally certified as a Great Place to Work, we have also been recognized by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in the entire state of Florida. And honored as one of the top 20 mid-sized companies, the only one in our geographic area.

Vantagepoint AI recognized as a Top 100 Best Place to Work in State of Florida

Vantagepoint AI software has been recognized by Florida Trend magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for in the state of Florida and in the Top 20 of mid-sized businesses.

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Many companies struggled with the COVID shut down and they have endured great difficulty trying to deploy their teams remotely to continue day-to-day business operations.  I am so proud of my team – our transition was exceptionally smooth.

As a team, we are able to be agile, responsive, and unwavering as we create seamless continuity for our customers and for those searching for a way to trade smarter in these unpredictable markets.  We’ve welcomed more new traders to our Vantagepoint family than in the history of the company over 40 years.

Thank you for your part in our success – we will work diligently to continue to meet your needs and to ensure that our Vantagepoint home team is working in the best possible atmosphere that we can provide.  I am so grateful that my team and my family are all safe and healthy!

This is the third year we’ve been recognized as a Best Company to Work for in Florida by Florida Trend and we are committed to being on the list again next year and for years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, attend one of our online, interactive, complimentary classes; you can sign up here.  I hope you’ll be joining the Vantagepoint family soon!

Vantagepoint AI is Great Place to Work Certified

Nationally Certified, We Truly Are A Great Place to Work

I’m very happy to share some good news with you — we’ve been nationally certified again by Great Place to Work, the leading authority in the world on workplace culture!
Our team continues to grow but we are committed to growing without losing sight of our core values. In fact, we even have a team member on staff dedicated to supporting our culture and our core values.
Vantagepoint AI is Great Place to Work Certified
We place a high value on our culture; we recognize that it’s vital to our success. We care deeply about our team – their health, their passion for what we do, and for their families too. We also strive to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere where people can feel innovative, valued, and respected.
It means so much to me that our team, when they were surveyed, reported to the third-party agency that they are exceedingly happy here at Vantagepoint.
I’m heartened to know that my team trusts me to lead them, especially through these turbulent times. Research shows when a team has a deep level of trust, they are more productive, drive better business results, and make a difference to customers – for us it’s far more than that.
As word gets out, more and more institutions are recognizing our unique team and the service we provide to traders. It’s a huge honor to be recognized at the national level and we will continue to be a force and an example of an inclusionary workplace culture.
Tampa Bay Times names Vantagepoint a Top Work Place and Top 3 Small Business Workplaces

Vantagepoint AI Recognized as a Top Workplace and Top 3 Small Business Workplace by the Tampa Bay Times

I was thrilled when we were selected as one of the Top Workplaces by the Tampa Bay Times earlier this year. We strive to create a culture of respect, integrity, passion, and fun. 

Recently we were notified that not only are we a TOP Workplace but that we were named one of the Top 3 Small Business Workplaces. That was exciting!
Vantagepoint selected as top 3 small business workplaces

So many companies are moving their headquarters into the beautiful Tampa Bay area. It’s why being selected as one of the top 3 workplace cultures in Tampa by the highly respected Tampa Bay Times is so meaningful to me.

We have always worked to treat our team just as we would our family (complete with fun, in-office “sibling” rivalries), we value the people that work for us, we respect them, and we want to create a balanced work-life experience for everyone. It’s important to me that I know every name, face, and family that works for Vantagepoint.

I’m grateful that as our company has “grown-up”, we are recognized as being a great place to work. But what means even more to me is that with so many well-known names and top-notch companies, my team has chosen us and are part of creating something very special.

Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI, named Leader of the Year.

Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine Name Lane Mendelsohn a National Leader

Just before CoVID-19 reared it’s head here in the US, I was notified that had been nationally recognized by Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work.  Previously Vantagepoint was singled out as one of the top 50 small businesses in the United States for its workplace culture by Great Place to Work and Fortune.  Being recognized as the leader of a great company was really thrilling and humbling!

Beyond offering a superior product, we’ve created an award-winning workplace culture dedicated to the development of every employee, connecting diverse people to a common purpose, practicing humility and empathy, adapting to uncertainty, and fostering trusting relationships.

This is an unprecedented time in history!  It’s difficult to find things to celebrate right now.   I take my role very seriously – not only for our team but for our entire Vantagepoint family. 

But, in the midst of it all, we’ve been noticed for our culture built on innovation, teamwork, communication, positivity, passion, purpose, respect, and integrity. Those values guide our every decision and are my touchstone as a leader.

At the gala presentation in San Francisco, Great Place to Work CEO Michael C. Bush said, “The financial performance of these organizations and the industry leading commitment to corporate responsibility provide strong evidence that when you create a great place to work for all, it is better for business, better for people, and better for the world.”   I couldn’t agree more! We are an integral part of the health and vibrance of our community with our commercial and philanthropic work; and we provide education, and white-glove service to our traders in over 120 countries.  In times of uncertainity, we can be a force for good and empower traders to protect themselves in the highly volatile markets.

My goal is to provide a voice of surety and consistency for my team and our entire family of traders. I’m thankful that our software gives traders foresight and the ability to plan for change. While we are watching thousands of traders lose decades of hard-earned capital, our traders are able to mitigate their losses and even profit amidst this historic volatility. 

I’m proud to say that my entire team is here to support and empower our Vantagepoint traders.

Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint, named Top 10 Most Innovative leaders

Top 10 Most Innovative Global AI Executive!

Recently I was recognized by Insight Analytics as one of the Most Innovative Global A.I. Executives.  It’s a huge honor to be recognized on the global stage for our company’s culture, core values, and ethics.

I really enjoyed my interview with Insight Analytics’ editors; it gave me the opportunity to stop and reflect on what makes us a leader in the world with our artificial intelligence.  We believe in empowering traders – but the secret is in the how

Lane Mendelsohn Named Most Innovative Global AI Exec

We’ve been at the forefront of artificial intelligence as a service to customers for over 40 years, I often say we were “fintech” before fintech even existed.  But we’ve always recognized where the source of our success lies – it’s in our traders’ success, it’s in changing people’s lives, and helping our traders to have all the tools we can supply them with to trade smarter and profit more.

This interview also reminded me that when we’re profitable and find financial freedom, it means we can do more…more for our families, more for others around us, and more for the world.  Our trading success gives us the freedom and power to do good. 

So many of our Vantagepoint Family Members are doing generous, thoughtful, amazing things!  Some of them are putting young people unrelated to them through college, others are using their trading to support themselves as they give everything to running care homes for the differently abled, and others have designated charities to be the beneficiaries of their success in their wills. Our traders inspire us!

And, it’s our traders that drive us to continue to innovate and disrupt the trading industry. My dad literally created the home trading software industry with his first software release; and I’ve been able to take our company in directions my father could never have imagined. 

It’s always gratifying to be recognized by one’s peers, but I feel this honor is bigger than me.  It’s about our team, it’s about our purpose, and it’s about you.

You can read the whole interview here.

Great Traders Pay It Forward

As you probably know, Vantagepoint is dedicated to doing well and doing good. We’ve been donating a portion of our revenue every week to Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Because of our growth as a company and because our family of traders like you has been growing too, we’ve been able to increase our philanthropic efforts!

We’ve added a new partner, the Children’s Cancer Center, to our charitable giving.  And this month, I’m honored to let you know that they have chosen Vantagepoint AI as their Partner of the Month for February – now that’s quite a valentine!

You may or may not know, I’m a cancer survivor myself.  

Knowing firsthand about cancer, I’m especially thoughtful of what it’s like for kids and their families.  And that’s what lead me to the Children’s Cancer Center. 

The Children’s Cancer Center is the only program like it in the country and they serve about 1,000 families on an on-going basis. The organization recognizes that when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder, the entire family is actually diagnosed.  This amazing organization steps up and immediately begins to help the entire family with emotional, financial, and educational support.

Here’s a quick video about our partnership with The Children’s Cancer Center:

Vantagepoint supports the Children's Cancer Center

I am thrilled that we as a company are working to support this amazing team not only with financial donations but also as part of our family. We will be involving Children’s Cancer Center families in our own fun activities when it works for them. We truly consider them part of our family. Already Trinity and her family have been part of one of our events.
Vantagepoint AI and The Children's Cancer Center - Partners
Click the Image to Read More
As a representative of our family of traders and all of our team here in our offices, I am honored we have been selected by the Children’s Cancer Center as their Partner of the Month. If you’re a Vantagepoint Trader, thank you for helping us to make this special relationship possible; I appreciate your trust to do what’s right.
If you haven’t joined our family yet, I hope you’ll consider doing so; we can do even more to help children and their families as they walk through cancer – no matter their ability to pay for services. Together we can use our power for good!

When You Do What You Love, It’s Not Work!

I’m so excited — Vantagepoint AI, LLC ( has been selected for the tenth time as one of the Best Places To Work in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
When you consider that my dad started this as a small, home-based business over 40 years ago, it’s astounding to stand back and see that Vantagepoint has grown into a world leader providing artificial intelligence software to independent traders. What makes me even happier is that Vantagepoint has created a family of tens of thousands of traders in over 120 countries around the globe, and our internal family continues to grow right along with it.
In case you haven’t heard, my father, Louis Mendelsohn, was the first person to make strategy back-testing commercially available for independent traders back in 1979. We continue to carry on his work by staying on the cutting-edge with both our product line and our workplace culture. Early on, my father established our ethos with a high level of caring for our customers while also being fiercely dedicated to our team. As I continue to lead the company, I’m committed to our culture and continuing to be part of what makes Tampa a great place to live and work.
Vantagepoint 10 x Winner for Best Places to Work


I am thrilled to be recognized by our team as a place that cares about them and I will always work to create an atmosphere for all of us that brings joy, excited, purpose, passion, and fun to our workplace.

Along with this award, Vantagepoint has also been recognized by the Business Journal for our philanthropic work. We were awarded the ONE Tampa Bay Award by the Business Journal.

Vantagepoint regularly donates a portion of its revenue to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center along with donating goods, man/woman power, and monies to a wide variety of local charities. To date, with your help, we have donated more than $670,000 to local non-profits.

Both the ONE and Best Place to Work awards speak to the foundation of our culture; as a company we all work to provide a five-star experience for our family of traders and our internal team, we are also committed to sharing our success and joy forward with the community.

I feel that the Tampa Bay area has been the perfect place for our company to put down roots and build our family. Today my girls, Rachael and Abby, are learning the fundamentals of our business and the values that are essential to our success. I know in the years to come we will continue to be an integral part of the Tampa Bay business community and a great place to work for generations to come.


While Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new concept for most independent traders, 40 years on we continue to be at the forefront of using it to empower people around the world and level the playing field for trading in the financial markets.

As a company, we are committed to sustainable growth while constantly evolving our software to provide a reliable yet vital service to traders. If you haven’t joined our family of traders, you can learn more about Vantagepoint’s cutting-edge product, superior customer service, and our highly accurate predictive forecasts for the financial markets at