Tampa Bay Business Journal Names VantagePoint A.I. a 2024 “Best Place To Work”

I’m excited to share this year VantagePoint A.I. was once again selected as one of the Best Places to Work by Tampa Bay Business Journal! This is the 9th consecutive year we’ve won in a row and the 14th year we have won overall. What makes this even more special is that we were selected for this award on the feedback from our team members. 

One of the things we are known for are our core values and our workplace culture. We strive to cultivate a culture that is heavily focused on integrity and innovation. We work with an ambitious drive to push ourselves to think differently. This kind of approach has helped propel us to where we are today as a business. It means a great deal to me that the Vantagepoint A.I. team and I work so closely together helping traders around the world. 

Vantagepoint A.I. Recognized as the Best Predictive A.I. Software for Traders in the United States

I’m humbled that Acquisition International has recognized VantagePoint as the Best Predictive A.I. Software for Traders (USA) as part of this year’s 2023 Worldwide Finance Awards.

When my father, Louis Mendelsohn, founded Vantagepoint A.I.  over 40 years ago with the mission of leveling the trading field for independent traders, he transformed the trading world.

With the release of the VantagePoint’s first A.I. software in 1991, we became the first company in the world to offer traders the power of Artificial Intelligence for their home computers and gave birth to what would become the FinTech Industry.

Our patented, predictive, A.I.-driven forecasts and Global Intermarket Analysis allow traders to see predicted market movements 1-3 days in advance.  Our forecasts have even been third-party verified at up to 87.4% proven accuracy, surpassing the typical 27% associated with market “gurus.”

For decades our software is literally helping traders around the world change their lives. Using the information from our technical analysis, traders can make trading decisions with far more confidence and better trade timing for improved opportunities to find gains.  In turn, our traders tend to pay their trading success forward by creating a lasting legacy for their families and their communities.

While many companies now claim to use A.I., don’t be fooled, only VantagePoint continues to be stand out above the rest for our longevity, our two U.S. Patents, and our incredible accuracy and track record.

Vantagepoint A.I. Makes Generous Donation to Pasco Kids First, Reinforcing Commitment to Child Safety and Wellbeing 

During a three-day educational retreat for our existing customers, the VantagePoint University Trader Summit, expert traders shared their techniques and strategies with attendees and then highlighted some of the best trades they’ve found using VantagePoint’s dual-patented proprietary A.I. indicators.

Also at this event, we proudly announced their contribution to Pasco Kids First, a fully accredited non-profit Children’s Advocacy Center that has been dedicated to safeguarding children and strengthening families for over 30 years. The organization’s unwavering commitment to creating a safe, neutral, and child-friendly environment for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or witnessed violent crimes aligns perfectly with our values of supporting meaningful causes that positively impact the community.

As a parent of two children, our VantagePoint team is honored to have the privilege of giving back to such an exceptional organization like Pasco Kids First. The work they do in protecting vulnerable children and families is truly remarkable, and we are grateful to support their invaluable efforts.

Pasco Kids First is renowned for its comprehensive approach to child welfare, offering education, prevention, and intervention programs to prevent child abuse, as well as therapeutic services to help children heal from trauma. The organization’s mission deeply resonates with ours at Vantagepoint A.I..

Earlier this year in May, our team stepped up to contribute essential supplies and goods for Pasco Kids First, and it was truly remarkable to see how our team, as well as the participants of our Trader Summit worked together to take the positive impact to the next level! We’ll be making another significant contribution to a charitable partner this November at our next Trader Summit.

Vantagepoint A.I. selected again as one of the “Best Places to Work” by The Tampa Bay Business Journal

I’m so proud of the company we continue to grow and am humbled by the ongoing recognition we continue to receive. We’re a small business located in the Wesley Chapel area of Tampa Bay. The competition is always fierce, but I am so incredibly proud of the VantagePoint team.

This year, We were selected again as one of the Best Places to Work by The Tampa Bay Business Journal! This is the 8th consecutive year we have won in a row and the 13th year we have won overall. What makes this most special is that we were selected for this award based on the feedback from our team.

Some of the unique things we are known for are our core values and the emphasis put on our workplace culture. It means a great deal to me that the team and I work so closely together helping traders around the world. Without the feedback of my wonderful team, an opportunity like this would not be possible!

Vantagepoint A.I. Named February ‘Partner of the Month’ by Children’s Cancer Center

I’m humbled to announce Vantagepoint A.I. was named ‘Partner of the Month’ by the Children’s Cancer Center! My team and I have a special place in our heart for empowering not only our traders, but for those in need. We became an official Charitable Partner in 2019, and our relationship with the Children’s Cancer Center has only grown and strengthened since.

The Children’s Cancer Center is a unique program that serves about 1,000 families of all ages on an on-going basis. The organization cares deeply for not only it’s patients, but the entire family who is impacted as well. Passionate about everyone involved, the Children’s Cancer Center helps the entire family with emotional, financial and educational support. 

I’m a cancer survivor myself. Knowing firsthand about cancer and what it takes for the individual and their family to go through the experience, I’m especially thoughtful of what it’s like for kids and their families. That’s what led us to our ongoing commitment to help the Children’s Cancer Center in the first place. It’s important for me because I know it means a lot to my employees to be a part of an organization that’s socially responsible and does good things for people in need. 

To learn more about the partnership between the Children’s Cancer Center and Vantagepoint A.I. please click HERE.