Top 150 Small and Medium Businesses

I have to take a moment and share my excitement with you.

Vantagepoint AI has been certified nationally for its outstanding culture by Great Place to Work. Additionally, because of this certification, Vantagepoint has been recognized as one of the Top 150 Small and Medium Businesses in the United States.

Vantagepoint recognized for its software and culture

Concurrently, while being a great workplace culture, Vantagepoint has also been recognized by Global Excellence as The Most Innovative Ai-Based Market Forecasting Software Provider. Our product is unique in the marketplace for independent traders. Our patented Intermarket Analysis finds hidden patterns of influence in the marketplace to detect impending market movements up to 3 days in advance and with up to 86% accuracy. We’re very proud of our software; and as part of our mission to Empower Traders Daily, we know that we’re helping traders like you trade smarter because you can plan your trading entries and exits guided by data rather than emotion.

Our product is only half of the equation though. As a company, we’ve set a high standard for ourselves to create a workplace that empowers our team. We believe in helping all parts of our Vantagepoint family create lives that are meaningful. Our absolute dedication to these concepts has resulted in what I think is the perfect “sweet spot for success.” Being recognized for both our culture and our product, for me, validates that we are on the right path.

Michael C. Bush, the CEO of Great Place to Work, sent me a note. He noted that, “small and medium-sized businesses have a tremendous influence on the US economy and workforce. Organizations like Vantagepoint AI have found the key not only for winning top talent against their larger competitors, but also for playing a leadership role in dramatically improving the day-to-day experience of US labor conditions by creating great workplaces where everyone can succeed regardless of who they are or what job they perform.”

As a small, family-run business, Michael’s note means a lot to me. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture and being recognized as one of the top 150 Small and Medium Businesses in the nation by FORTUNE is a huge honor. Global Excellence contacted us out of the blue to recognize our contribution to the business world with our cutting-edge software. We weren’t looking for awards, but it is heartening to be noticed for what we’ve created.

As the close of 2019 nears, I was thinking about how Vantagepoint has the freedom to grow in ways that reinforce our core values while continuing to innovate and offer a unique service to traders. As we begin to implement our plans for 2020, I’m really excited! As I reflect on where we started and what we’ve become, I’m really proud of my team and of our product. I can’t wait to see what is yet to come.