VantagePoint AI Voted In Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making A Difference By Prime View Magazine

Strong business leadership is a vital part of running and operating any successful company. Being an effective business leader requires a few important core values such as innovation, positivity, passion, purpose, teamwork, innovation, respect, but most importantly, integrity.  Integrity stands out the most to me because a teams success relies heavily on the integrity of it’s leader and their ability to commit to doing the right thing even when it is difficult. Leaders with a strong sense of integrity often lead by example, which is something I try my best to abide by.

I am happy to announce that I have been recognized as one of the10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making A Difference in 2022 by Prime View Magazine.

We were founded in 1979 by my father, Louis Mendelsohn, and we are the first company in the world to offer traders the power of artificial intelligence from the comfort of their home computers. I’ve been involved in the company since I was a child, and I’ve worked in every department of the company since I started in order to be able to take the reins myself. 

We are incredibly honored to receive this award. Our main goal has always been to help change the lives of traders all over the world and this is a great reminder that we are well on our way. 

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Empowering traders for over 40 years, the Vantagepoint AI team is passionate about helping people find financial freedom using data-driven predictive forecasts created by artificial intelligence and patented Global Intermarket Analysis.

If you’re interested in learning more about VantagePoint, attend one of our online, interactive, complimentary classes; you can sign up here. I’m looking forward to welcoming you into the Vantagepoint family soon!