Vantagepoint "Delivers The Good" in the 3rd annual food drive

Delivering The Good

We held our annual Food Drive in honor of my younger brother, Lee, at the beginning of Q1.  The pandemic required that my team be very creative when it came to donating and they definitely rose to the occasion.

I asked traders to take a guess at how many pounds of food my team would donate.  We had a wide variety of guesses and some of our traders had some massive faith in us. I’m pleased to share with you that a newer Vantagepoint family member, Brent S., came the closest.

My team donated almost 2,500 pounds of food! 

The Vantagepoint team donated over 2,500 pounds of food in honor of Lee Mendelsohn.

This makes a huge difference in our community; many people here were struggling in the midst of the pandemic. We were able to donate over 800 pounds of food to THREE local food banks.

My team continues to amaze me every day.  Brent, our top guesser, has also noticed too. He recently posted on a national board about us, “Congratulations Lane on such a magnificent organization. Your awards are duly deserved. My best to you and your team.”

That post meant a lot to all of us!  I think what was most telling about our food drive was how much it meant to my team to be able to make a difference in so many lives.

Changing lives is something we love doing here at Vantagepoint.  We hear from traders every day who are using Artificial Intelligence from our predictive forecasts to upgrade their trading and nothing motivates my team more! It’s a joy that we can pay our successes forward and help those in our community who need a little extra right now.

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