What are Leveraged ETFs?

Today, I can officially announce that VantagePoint now forecasts for two Leveraged ETF Sectors, one Bull and one Bear. Together, these new sectors provide over 80 leveraged ETFs all forecasted with an accuracy up to 86%. Read the full announcement here >>

This means that no matter if you’re experiencing a bull or bear market, trading these leveraged ETFs allows you to capture trends in standard ETFs, but at a profit of 200% to 300% through their leveraged counterparts.

In addition to doubling or tripling profits, the Bear Leveraged ETF sector allows traders to capitalize on the down markets by trading an inverse ETF. Inverse ETFs trade just like a stock or ETF but move opposite of the market or industry it follows. In cases of a down market, traders can still trade to the long side by buying an inverse ETF. It’s a win-win situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a game changer and your chance to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your trading profits regardless of the market direction.