When You Do What You Love, It’s Not Work!

I’m so excited — Vantagepoint AI, LLC (www.vantagepointsoftware.com) has been selected for the tenth time as one of the Best Places To Work in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
When you consider that my dad started this as a small, home-based business over 40 years ago, it’s astounding to stand back and see that Vantagepoint has grown into a world leader providing artificial intelligence software to independent traders. What makes me even happier is that Vantagepoint has created a family of tens of thousands of traders in over 120 countries around the globe, and our internal family continues to grow right along with it.
In case you haven’t heard, my father, Louis Mendelsohn, was the first person to make strategy back-testing commercially available for independent traders back in 1979. We continue to carry on his work by staying on the cutting-edge with both our product line and our workplace culture. Early on, my father established our ethos with a high level of caring for our customers while also being fiercely dedicated to our team. As I continue to lead the company, I’m committed to our culture and continuing to be part of what makes Tampa a great place to live and work.
Vantagepoint 10 x Winner for Best Places to Work


I am thrilled to be recognized by our team as a place that cares about them and I will always work to create an atmosphere for all of us that brings joy, excited, purpose, passion, and fun to our workplace.

Along with this award, Vantagepoint has also been recognized by the Business Journal for our philanthropic work. We were awarded the ONE Tampa Bay Award by the Business Journal.

Vantagepoint regularly donates a portion of its revenue to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center along with donating goods, man/woman power, and monies to a wide variety of local charities. To date, with your help, we have donated more than $670,000 to local non-profits.

Both the ONE and Best Place to Work awards speak to the foundation of our culture; as a company we all work to provide a five-star experience for our family of traders and our internal team, we are also committed to sharing our success and joy forward with the community.

I feel that the Tampa Bay area has been the perfect place for our company to put down roots and build our family. Today my girls, Rachael and Abby, are learning the fundamentals of our business and the values that are essential to our success. I know in the years to come we will continue to be an integral part of the Tampa Bay business community and a great place to work for generations to come.


While Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new concept for most independent traders, 40 years on we continue to be at the forefront of using it to empower people around the world and level the playing field for trading in the financial markets.

As a company, we are committed to sustainable growth while constantly evolving our software to provide a reliable yet vital service to traders. If you haven’t joined our family of traders, you can learn more about Vantagepoint’s cutting-edge product, superior customer service, and our highly accurate predictive forecasts for the financial markets at www.vantagepointsoftware.com/demo.