Video of Reactions from Shriners and the Children's Cancer Center to Vantagepoint AI's National Philanthropy Day added donations.

National Philanthropy Day Brings Extra Donations From Vantagepoint AI

Over the years, we’ve been proud to support Shriners Hospitals for Children; and we’ve built strong bonds with our patient ambassadors.  We believe in giving more than just money. We put our heart into our relationship with Shriners. My daughters, Rachael and Abigail, have developed some special friendships, and my entire team cherishes their own personal connections that have developed with these amazing kids.

This year, as our Vantagepoint Family increased in size, expanded our corporate giving to include The Children’s Cancer Center. Talk about a group of strong and wonderful children! Even throughout the pandemic, we have been able to donate to both organizations regularly and equally.

This year, I wanted to surprise my team with something special in honor of National Philanthropy Day.  I set some lofty goals for the team for the 4th quarter and they proceeded to achieve them.  On Wednesday I announced that due to their added efforts, we would not only be making our regular donations to both organizations, but that we would be making an additional donation for the month to each.

When I let our partners and ambassadors know what was coming, they wanted to join in with me in a message for our Vantagepoint family, and share with all of us how much it means to them to have our ongoing support, especially when so many other companies have had to pull back.

Video of Reactions from Shriners and the Children's Cancer Center to Vantagepoint AI's National Philanthropy Day added donations.

It’s an amazing feeling to make a difference in someone’s life.  I hope you enjoy sharing it with us. 

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Great Traders Pay It Forward

As you probably know, Vantagepoint is dedicated to doing well and doing good. We’ve been donating a portion of our revenue every week to Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Because of our growth as a company and because our family of traders like you has been growing too, we’ve been able to increase our philanthropic efforts!

We’ve added a new partner, the Children’s Cancer Center, to our charitable giving.  And this month, I’m honored to let you know that they have chosen Vantagepoint AI as their Partner of the Month for February – now that’s quite a valentine!

You may or may not know, I’m a cancer survivor myself.  

Knowing firsthand about cancer, I’m especially thoughtful of what it’s like for kids and their families.  And that’s what lead me to the Children’s Cancer Center. 

The Children’s Cancer Center is the only program like it in the country and they serve about 1,000 families on an on-going basis. The organization recognizes that when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder, the entire family is actually diagnosed.  This amazing organization steps up and immediately begins to help the entire family with emotional, financial, and educational support.

Here’s a quick video about our partnership with The Children’s Cancer Center:

Vantagepoint supports the Children's Cancer Center

I am thrilled that we as a company are working to support this amazing team not only with financial donations but also as part of our family. We will be involving Children’s Cancer Center families in our own fun activities when it works for them. We truly consider them part of our family. Already Trinity and her family have been part of one of our events.
Vantagepoint AI and The Children's Cancer Center - Partners
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As a representative of our family of traders and all of our team here in our offices, I am honored we have been selected by the Children’s Cancer Center as their Partner of the Month. If you’re a Vantagepoint Trader, thank you for helping us to make this special relationship possible; I appreciate your trust to do what’s right.
If you haven’t joined our family yet, I hope you’ll consider doing so; we can do even more to help children and their families as they walk through cancer – no matter their ability to pay for services. Together we can use our power for good!