Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint, named Top 10 Most Innovative leaders

Top 10 Most Innovative Global AI Executive!

Recently I was recognized by Insight Analytics as one of the Most Innovative Global A.I. Executives.  It’s a huge honor to be recognized on the global stage for our company’s culture, core values, and ethics.

I really enjoyed my interview with Insight Analytics’ editors; it gave me the opportunity to stop and reflect on what makes us a leader in the world with our artificial intelligence.  We believe in empowering traders – but the secret is in the how

Lane Mendelsohn Named Most Innovative Global AI Exec

We’ve been at the forefront of artificial intelligence as a service to customers for over 40 years, I often say we were “fintech” before fintech even existed.  But we’ve always recognized where the source of our success lies – it’s in our traders’ success, it’s in changing people’s lives, and helping our traders to have all the tools we can supply them with to trade smarter and profit more.

This interview also reminded me that when we’re profitable and find financial freedom, it means we can do more…more for our families, more for others around us, and more for the world.  Our trading success gives us the freedom and power to do good. 

So many of our Vantagepoint Family Members are doing generous, thoughtful, amazing things!  Some of them are putting young people unrelated to them through college, others are using their trading to support themselves as they give everything to running care homes for the differently abled, and others have designated charities to be the beneficiaries of their success in their wills. Our traders inspire us!

And, it’s our traders that drive us to continue to innovate and disrupt the trading industry. My dad literally created the home trading software industry with his first software release; and I’ve been able to take our company in directions my father could never have imagined. 

It’s always gratifying to be recognized by one’s peers, but I feel this honor is bigger than me.  It’s about our team, it’s about our purpose, and it’s about you.

You can read the whole interview here.