This brings me happiness

My wife Mandi and I were married in 2008. During our honeymoon in Italy, we found a beautiful village in Tuscany called Bagno Vignoni. Incredibly peaceful and filled with history, Bagno Vignoni is an idyllic location with restaurants, small shops, all centered around its famous hot springs.

In 2009, we went back for our 1-year anniversary. A few years later, we went back again to celebrate me successfully beating cancer. And then we went 3 more times. Each more memorable than the last. Mandi and I talked about our dreams for the future, my health scare, and the possibility of having children.

Fast forward to 2018 and life comes full circle. Last month, we visited Bagno Vignoni once more, but this time with our 2 beautiful daughters in hand. I have my family. I have my health. I have it all.

Each day I wake up humbled and thankful for how lucky I am. In addition to my health, I also have the freedom of time and money to travel the world with my family, all thanks to VantagePoint.

And every time we visit Bagno Vignoni, I’m reminded to never take life for granted.