I Explain The Biggest Wipeout in Stock Market History on Dr. Drew Midday Live

Oh Facebook…. that drop last week must have really hurt. Following that biggest single-day loss for any public company in history, the news feeds were inundated with Facebook’s market drop.  I was asked to be interviewed live on Dr. Drew’s Midday Live radio show about the historic drop.

To summarize my perspective on Facebook’s stock in the interview, Dr. Drew said, “Based on your track record and being pretty good at predicting these things, this is a buying opportunity and the stock will be ok because they are sufficiently diversified and their business model is efficiently solid, that the changes they are going to make in the short term will solve their long-term problems and make them a stronger company and a stronger product and something for viable for the future.” I  responded with, “It is a time to be cautious, but a time to be looking for those buying opportunities.”

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